Where are we?

Map of Sarah Guesthouse and central Chiang Mai

This map shows where Sarah Guesthouse is, in relation to the landmarks of central Chiang Mai. We are situated in the area between Thapae and Loikroh Roads, in a quiet residential area. Our location is excellent for visiting the Night Bazaar. It's only a short walk to many of the city temples; and facilities such as banks, money changers, internet cafes, restaurants and all kinds of shops, are only a short walk away.

            We are:           -   a 5 min. drive from the bus station.
                                    -   a  5 min. drive from the railway station.
                                    -  a  10 min. drive from the airport

Our address is : 20 Tapae Rd.,
                           Soi 4
                           Chiang Mai 50100

Our telephone number is : (calling from the North of Thailand) 053 208271
                                            (calling from within Thailand but not the North) 053 208271
                                            (calling from outside Thailand) ++66 53 208271

Our E mail address is : sarahguesthouse@hotmail.com

                                This is our address in Thai. Show it to the taxi drivers when you reach Chiang Mai, so they know where you want to go.

     If you need the above details for when you get to Chiang Mai; then simply print out this page and bring it with you.
If you want your friends to meet you at Sarah Guest House; then simply E mail a copy of this page to them.

NB On your arrival in Chiang Mai taxi/tuk tuk drivers will often try to take you to certain guesthouses as they receive a commission there. We are one of the guesthouses who do not pay commissions to drivers. So please be aware they may tell you various stories such as we are full or are located a long way of town etc etc. If you have a booking obviously we won't be full , if you don't have a booking just call us to check (053 208271)
Please note we have only one guesthouse with no affiliates or partners.

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Sarah Guest House

20 Tapae Rd, Soi 4

Chiang Mai 50100


Tel. (66 53)208271

Fax (66 53)279423

E mail    sarahguesthouse@hotmail.com

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