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Choose either fan or A/C room
Twin sharing depends on 2 people booking and occupying same room. If only 1 person booking choose single.
Thai Cookery Pack (PKSD1)


 Fan  - single occupancy @ 1400Bt/person

Fan  - twin sharing @ 1200Bt/person

A/C  - single occupancy @ 1600Bt/person

A/C  - twin sharing @ 1350Bt/person

Chiang Mai Adventure Package (PKSD2)


 Fan - single occupancy @ 1400Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 1200Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 1700Bt/person

A/C - twin sharing @ 1350Bt/person

Chiang Mai Jungle Package(PKSD3)


 Fan - single occupancy @ 4300Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 4150Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 4500Bt/person

A/C - twin sharing @ 4300Bt/person

  Chiang Mai Mahout Package (PKSD4)


 Fan - single occupancy @ 2900Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 2700Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 3250Bt/person

A/C - twin sharing @ 2800Bt/person

Chiang Mai Trekking Only Package (PKSD5)


 Fan - single occupancy @ 1700Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 1550Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 2000Bt/person

A/C - twin sharing @ 1700Bt/person

  Chiang Mai Mini Trek & In the Kitchen (PKSD6)


 Fan - single occupancy @ 2100Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 1950Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 2550Bt/person

A/C - twin sharing @ 2100Bt/person   

 Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Cook Thai (PKSD7)


Fan - single occupancy @ 2200Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 1975Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 2650Bt/person

  A/C - twin sharing @ 2200Bt/person

 Chiang Mai Around the Sights (PKSD8)


Fan - single occupancy @ 2500Bt/person

Fan - twin sharing @ 2275Bt/person

A/C - single occupancy @ 2950Bt/person

  A/C - twin sharing @ 2500Bt/person


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